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Store > Radio & Servos > Jeti DUPLEX 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver Modules

Duplex DC-16 Mode 2

Duplex DC-16 Mode 2
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Puffin Models Price (inc VAT): £916.95

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Product Description

Jeti Duplex radio system DC-16, the only complete radio control system designed, developed, and produced within Europe. Supplied with mains charger, and case. If changing to Mode 1, normal anti-static precautions are required.

DC-16 main features - is anyone else offering this much in a single system?

2.4 GHz Jeti Duplex system with dual transmitter modules for full rendundancy with one Rx or two Rx, or for use as a trainer system with 2,4GHz link.
Super light machined aluminium body
3,8 inch wide display with backlight, 320 x 240 pixels
Weight only 1,2 kg
2 GB memory
Integrated antenna
Integrated long life Li-Ion battery
Aluminium transport box
Aluminium sticks - variable in length with bearings
Scanning sticks position by hall sensor - 4096 throttle steps resolution
Swivelling stick units
Voice output
Headphones jack
Digital trims

16 channels (yes, full 16 functions)
Customizable menu
Unlimited prgramming options on all channels
Unlimited model memories
Firmware upgradable
Ultra fast response
Power management system
3 model types programming (ACRO / HELI / GLIDER)
5 languages (EN / DE / CZ / PL / FR)


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