Who Are We

Puffin Models was formed by John and Sandra Emms in 2002 to promote successful electric flight. Puffin was the first full time, 100% electric flight company in UK, and has since branched into other areas of expertise. Puffin was the first English speaking dealer for the Model Motors AXi brushless outrunner range, and handled almost all of the marketing for this range in UK until taken on by larger distributors. Our first kit range was from RCM-Pelikan, and the close relationship of co-operation as the UK dealer for Pelikan has grown over the years. As MVVS, under the new ownership of Rudolf Dvorak, sought a UK dealer to take them through the next decade and beyond, Puffin was their first choice. We have had involvement in the development of the exciting and highly efficient MVVS electric motor range, and had no hesitation when asked to also take on the MVVS petrol engine range which we are now firmly convinced is the best petrol engine range produced in the world in terms of power, easy starting, longevity, and after sales support. MVVS petrol engines are the BEST choice, and most certainly not a cheap alternative. John is an MVVS factory trained technician that provides two level support, a UK based technician with close links to MVVS, and the engine designers at the MVVS factory. Our aim is to only sell what we are happy to use ourselves, and to hold stock of items for immediate delivery. We continue to emphasize the importance of quality to the manufacturers that we work with, and aim to provide the best possible prices and service for our specialist product ranges. Of course we know how to use the items that we sell, and we will never knowingly let you buy an item that is unsuitable for your application.


John Emms
John completed 22 years as a Royal Air Force motor vehicle technician and workshop manager, before completing a BA in Design and Technology Education, and teaching Design and Technology for 4 years. His background has given him extensive technological training and experience, along with studying business management to HNC level. John has been flying a variety of radio controlled model aeroplanes since 1974 (the first being a Kamco Kadet with OS Cougar radio), and electric powered models since 1984 (Robbe Geier flying wing), passed his BMFA B certificate in 1987, passed his LMA Proficiency Certificate in 2007, and is a BMFA registered instructor. John works closely with our suppliers and manufacturers, is a MVVS factory trained technician (probably the only factory trained technician for any petrol engine range in UK), and responsible for purchasing at Puffin. John continues to fly a wide range of model aeroplanes as a member of Woodspring Wings and Bath Spa Radio Control Society.

Sandra Emms
Worked with a church mission in Central and North America before moving to Houston, Texas where she spent 13 years handling the accounts for a major Houston law firm. Sandra’s move to UK saw her working for a large firm of solicitors in Bristol before moving on to manage the accounts and administration for Puffin Models.