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Looking for accessories? We stock model aircraft and model boat accessories at competitive prices with fast delivery. Please also look in the battery bay for battery accessories and connectors.

Waste electrical items should not be disposed of as general waste. Please return like for like WEEE to the address above for safe disposal.


Heavy Duty Foam Wheels

Heavy Duty Foam Wheels
Highest quality foam wheels offering the lightest weight with excellent durability. All of our foam wheels are made by a specialist producer in the Czech Republic - he only makes foam wheels.

Low Bounce Airwheels

Low Bounce Airwheels
Deluxe Low Bounce Airwheels from Kavan, made by Kavan in Germany. These are incredibly light wheels, but also very durable for use with heavier models. The chrome hubs also say that the Kavan deluxe wheels are rather special!

Marine Accessories

Marine Accessories
High quality marine accessories at competitive prices and with fast delivery.

General Accessories

General Accessories
General accessories for which we have no other category! Look out for a growing range of items in this section.

Electric Power Accessories

Electric Power Accessories
Support items generally applicable to electric power. Please see Batteries and Chargers for battery connectors, cable etc.

Scale Wheels

Scale Wheels
Scale wheels of the very highest quality

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